Light Up Poole is a unique 3-day Light Art Festival taking place from Thursday 21 to Saturday 23 February 2019.

As daylight fades, Poole will provide a dramatic backdrop to series of interactive digital light art installations designed to inspire, delight and enchant all. Both emerging and international artists will showcase their ground-breaking work in a celebration of Poole’s cultural diversity, rich heritage and unique location. Interactive public spectacles and intimate installations positioned at key locations both indoors and outdoors, will challenge perceptions that art is elitist and allow more people to engage and experience great art, technology and culture.

This year, the festival’s theme, ‘Tides’, will challenge artists to be more ambitious and carefully consider the mix of landscapes from the industrial and historic Quayside and Old Town to the urban High Street leading to Falkland Square. Audiences will journey along and under imaginary shorelines blending art and science, illuminating the enduring magic of the sea.

‘Tides’ explores navigation, the stars, the gravitational attraction, interaction and pull between the earth, moon and sun. Our oceans like human souls are complex, wild and calm, dangerous yet sometimes innocuous, shallow then deep, alluring but somehow ambiguous, transparent and opaque, full of mystery, contradictions and the invisible.

The festival has a diverse and exciting learning and talent development programme attached to it that will engage schools, colleges, universities and local communities.