RHIZOME by Tom & Lien Dekyvere (BA)

Location: Orchard Plaza, outside Sainsbury's

A digital plant is taking over Poole…

Tom and Lien Dekyvere explore the ideas behind individualism and groups of people living together, which all illustrate togetherness and collaboration in contrast with nature and technology through the metaphoric symbols of sound and vision.

The (dis) connections made between people can be displayed as a web.  The work mirrors this web idea, as hundreds of metres of light emitting rope is tied together to form a network.  This network is the reflection of our current society that merges with nature and where people express themselves.

Based on this year’s festival theme (TIDES), the soundscape of the work uses tunes of waves that have been digitally distorted.  The symbolism in the work’s rhizome rope structure in turn refers to our underwater floral growth patterns that are similar to the way people connect both analogue as well as digitally.  All is exposed and reflected in deep blue light, changing sunlight into LED colours.

The artwork has been exhibited around the world and is site responsive.  Now this digital plant finds its way further through the trees of Orchard Plaza in Poole.

Website: www.tomdekyvere.com