Digital Ripples by Sandie Elkins, supported by Andy McKeown and Yr. 9 and Yr. 10 students from Carter School

Location: various lamp posts along the High Street, The Quay, and ending in The Fish Shambles

This is a multi-layered digital installation co-commissioned with SoundStorm Music Education Agency.  Yr.9 and Yr.10 students from Carter Community School will sculpt a digital auditory ‘breadcrumb’ trail using various lamp posts in Poole High Street and along The Quay as a sound platform.  Working with local artist Sandie Elkins, supported by Andy McKeown, new media, light and sound artist and responding to the theme ‘TIDES’, students will record and sample sounds of Poole through a range of field trips and experimentation.

Sampling the familiar to make the unfamiliar, the trail will culminate in an evocative digital sound and participatory installation called ‘The WeatherMACHINE’ which invites audience to interact within a live and everchanging mix of sound, light projections and auditory immersion.

Sandie Elkins, one of our regional GLEAM artists, is commissioned to compose a new electronica soundtrack to be played in The Fish Shambles.  You can download this using a QR code, play it through your mobile phone device and watch the moving light ‘Harbour Glow’ installation.