Where Medieval Meets Modern

Saturday 23rd February 3:00pm

Location: Lighthouse Poole, Function Room 1

Where Medieval Meets Modern – the Greatest Scientist You’ve Never Heard of.

Science – but not as you might know it. Welcome to the greatest scientist you’ve never heard of: Robert Grosseteste. From 13th century England, at the time of Magna Carta, his was a dazzling mind in a dazzling generation, writing extraordinary works on natural phenomena. The Ordered Universe project, made up of medieval experts, modern scientists, and creative arts, explores these works collaboratively, generating fresh understanding of the past, new scientific research, contemporary artworks, and a fuller understanding of the place of science in culture. Find out about the project, medieval big bang, the science of the rainbow, and how to move beyond the horizon, and the medieval theory of tides. Professors Giles Gasper (History) and Brian Tanner (Physics) from Durham University will introduce Grosseteste and his scientific imagination, how collaborative research works to enrich understanding, and how the Ordered Universe project collaborates.   Radically across different fields, from glass-artists, to multi-media sculpture, light and sound projection shows, and form history to physics, engineering, vision science and philosophy. The talk supports the Projection Studio’s Horizon and Zenith which are showing at Light Up Poole – we’ll talk about the science and history behind the show and take you on a tour of the medieval universe.